Carpet Dyeing in Boise ID

When Your Carpets Need Special Care

Sometimes your carpet needs more than a typical cleaning. Because of special circumstances, carpet dyeing may be required to get your carpets looking new again. At Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, we understand that you can’t get rid of bleach stains using soil removal. For special cases such as bleach stains, we use carpet dye, which restores the affected area to the original color. Our trained technicians will determine if the discoloration is a stain or if we need to spot dye it.

Carpet spot dyeing is used when an area of the carpet has lost its original color. When this discoloration is not caused by stains, we spot dye the carpet. The affected area won’t be a problem anymore as we match it to the rest of the carpet. Carpet dyeing, or spot dyeing, is a necessary method of restoration when the carpet has been affected by bleach.

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing

✔ Add value back to your carpet

✔ Permanent Results

✔ Exact Color Matching

✔ Quick, Efficient Process

✔ Environment Safe

✔ Expert Application

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We want to help you and your family feel happier in a fresh, clean home. As a family-owned company who understands, we will treat your home as if it is our own.

Customer Service You Can Count On

We are confident that you will be satisfied with your carpets after we have worked on them. Because of our superior cleaning methods and trained workers, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Boise ID believes that almost all carpets can be restored to their original beauty, and we are dedicated to achieving the highest level of aesthetic appeal.

You can trust your carpets with us!

Discover the difference that Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning can make in your home. Our reviews speak for themselves. So give us a call today! We look forward to helping your house feel like home.

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