Carpet Re-stretching in Boise ID

We have received training and experience to provide carpet repair and re-stretching solutions to most damaged areas of carpet. Your carpetsĀ take a beating which can lead to numerous stains, pulled fibers, holes, paint, burns, buckling, split or gaping seams and ripples. We are happy to analyze your concerns and see if we can provide any carpet repair and re-stretching to solve the problem and make it seem like the marks were never there.

Heaven's Best Services

✔ Restore the Visual Appearance of your Home

✔ Improve Safety by Preventing Tripping

✔ Extend the Life of Your Carpet

✔ Improve the Wear Patterns Over the Carpet's Lifetime

How do I know if I need carpet repair or re-stretching?

Any need for carpet repair and re-stretching will typically be visible. Look near heavy furniture, as the buckles will appear near heavy objects. Any permanent staining on carpet can be repaired by using a bonded insert or donor piece of carpet that can be swabbed out. If a carpet seam is splitting typically in a doorway or hall this can also be repaired. Call us with any questions or a free in-home inspection to see if we can restore the appearance or your carpet.

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