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How Clean Is Your Upholstery?

Upholstery cleaning for the furniture in your home should be cleaned at least every two years. Dirt, germs, food particles, grease, dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, dead skin cells and other debris settle in your upholstery. Cleaned and maintained upholstery will help your home stay clean and healthy. Heaven’s Best family safe cleaning solution cleans every upholstered surface including couches and love seats, recliners and dining room chairs, even auto upholstery. We can also do mattress cleaning.

4 Ways You’ll Get a Healthier Home From Clean Upholstery

1. Safe all-natural cleaning agents made specifically for people who have chemical sensitivities.
2. No mold or allergen growth because your upholstery dries fast and our cleaners are mold retardant.
3. Hospital grade disinfectant kills germs on the upholstery.
4. Soils are removed by our powerful extraction equipment specifically designed for upholstery.

This system is self-contained giving you greater security with closed doors, keeping pets in and pests out. It is also easier on HVAC systems for both heating and air with low humidity because minimal moisture is used. There’s also no lost hot or cold air from open doors because there are no hoses running in and out of the door.

Clean Your Furniture Don’t Replace it

Your furniture will last longer when it gets professionally cleaned. Many times we have heard customers say that they just replaced their old upholstery because it looked so bad or dirty when many times we can make it look much better even like new. Our cleaning solutions and extraction system gently restore the look and feel of your furniture when you may have believed it was no longer possible.
We will determine the type of upholstery and the best way to clean it. Drying times may vary base on the type of fabric.

Advantages of using Heaven's Best

✔ Safe for all upholstery types.

✔ Heavenly citrus scent when cleaning is finished.

✔ Pet and family safe.

✔ Restores upholstery to be "Like New"

✔ Reduce allergens.

✔ Dry in an Hour

✔ Restore your furniture as opposed to buying new furniture.

Gets Your Carpets Cleaned Too

If we’re taking the time to do your upholstery cleaning for your sofa, loveseat, or recliner in your home every year, why not have us clean the carpet and tile too! Protect the investment you’ve made by keeping your whole home clean with Heaven’s Best.

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