VCT Floor Cleaning in Boise ID

Extend the Life of Your VCT Floors and Return Their Sparkle

Dirt cuts into vinyl or linoleum floors destroying their smooth surface and shine. Regular VCT floor cleaning or stripping and waxing protects your investment by removing these abrasive elements and restoring the protective layers.

Call Heaven’s Best to help keep your VCT flooring looking glossy, clean, and protected against wear and tear. Vinyl Composite Tile or VCT floors are often used in commercial businesses and have layers of wax applied to create a polished, protective layer that keeps your floor attractive. With constant use, these layers wear down, yellow or become dirty, and need to be removed and then reapplied to maintain the visual appeal and protection.

Our detailed wax removal and re-application process use specially formulated products to maintain and restore. Your storefronts and showroom floors will sparkle, stay cleaner, and be protected from wear and tear.  This adds value to the atmosphere of your store or business increasing the value of your product or the morale of your employees.

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